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Blind Book Reader. One Blind Guy

Welcome. One Blind Guy

Welcome. I have easily converted hundreds of Kindle books into other formats read by any digital device! Converted files include text, mobi, epub and Kindle unprotected. Proof? Just Check Out This Folder. These resources are for my own reading and research. It's possible for the blind reader to copy and paste passages of interest when writing. Convenient! Although I will share when I find that useful for others in the same need as I am, for the most part, these files are for my own use. However, if you would find such items useful or need help with conversion, don't hesitate to contact me. The conversion tools can be had by anyone. James Schols has written a super program called Codex for converting in conjunction with Kindle for PC. James is a blind programmer and you can find all the poop on his website at JSCHOLES.NET.

Let's start off with a bit of preview and bonus! Enjoy these super audio offerings. You can stream right here from the website or download and install on your favorite digital device! For more, check out the Music Maker link in the Site-Directory! 1. The great, Freddie King, with his Robert Johnson blues-rocker, Sweet Home Chicago! 2. A great play of tone and phrase. This has to be one of his finest! Michael Bloomfield and Friends. The Carmelita Skiffle. What a rock-out!

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