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Happy Holidays

There is Google and Amazon Prime Music. Even Pandora. But, if you don't pay for those services? Or, in the case of Pandora, nothing this specific? Here I've got music to light-up your listening pleasure! For the holiday and Christmas season, I put together albums and singles of Holiday music, from traditional, to pop, to country, to jazz and beyond! Including, a 3-hour compilation of super Christmas hits. This is a start of the bookshelf library of great music! You can download or stream. Your choice! I am a devoted Amazon Fire tablet user, and, I can stream and download to my Fire with zero problems. Enjoy!

A selection of Holiday albums. A selection of Holiday singles. A selection of Holiday Compilations.

After creating the holiday selections above in November and December of 2017, the first of this year (2018) I began working on a collection of a genres/style collection of music residing on my server. My goal is to upload three albums or singles daily to the mix. So, at the year end there will be over 1,000 to choose from! I have listed links by category below. Also, following is a dozen embed players of representations of some of my favorites. Note that the first three of these players offer the sounds of the local Tiffin band, Rusty Vinyl. They are tight with great vocals. All the selections are edited from Youtube video taken nearly ten years ago. They are even a better band today. Enjoy!

Blues. Rock. Folk. Pop. Country. Jazz. Soul. Classical. Garage. Christian.

Check out videos! Click for Rusty Vinyl covers the Beatles and The Rolling Stones! Heidelberg University, Tiffin, Ohio, circa 2009. Gary is an excellent vocalist and is supported by steady band-mates! Continue to be strong rockers in 2018! Check out the video and three audio samplers below!

1. The Rusty Vinyl Band
Music Sampler: #1
2. The Rusty Vinyl Band
Music Sampler: Domino
3. The Rusty Vinyl Band
Music Sampler: #3
4. The Beatles
A Rubber Soul Medly
5. Neil Young
Down by the River
6. Link Wray
7. Joe Cocker
Feelin' Alright
8. Linda Ronstadt
9. Paul McCartney
Hey Jude: 2012 Olymcics
10. The Beach Boys
The Warmth of the Sun
11. The Rev. Pam Easterday
Message: Genuine
12. The Guitar Tuner
Standard Tuning

Let's start off with a bit of preview and bonus! Enjoy these super audio offerings. You can stream right here from the website or download and install on your favorite digital device! For more, check out the Music Maker link in the Site-Directory! 1. The great, Freddie King, with his Robert Johnson blues-rocker, Sweet Home Chicago! 2. A great play of tone and phrase. This has to be one of his finest! Michael Bloomfield and Friends. The Carmelita Skiffle. What a rock-out!